Jen Clark in front of kimoto web.jpg


Jennifer Clark’s primary medium of expression is painting. Her most recent exhibition, Mind the Weather explored emotion and the subconscious mind through the creation of gestural abstract paintings inspired by Abstract Expressionism and the Automatiste movement. These works are one body of work in her creative practice which she continues to develop further. She has also been creating an ongoing series of paintings focused on the natural world, exploring narratives through symbolism, and the life cycles of living things.

Jennifer grew up in Toronto, Ontario and spent her academic years studying at Claude Watson School for the Arts. She later graduated from Concordia University with a BFA majoring in Painting and Drawing and Art Education. She now lives in Crescent Beach, BC where she has an operating art studio. She is a group facilitator with Thrive Art Studio supporting female artists and is a member of Z-inc. Artist Collective in Surrey. She has exhibited at the Surrey Art Gallery, Kimoto Gallery, Ian Tan Gallery and Concordia University, among others.

Photo by Mel Yap